Gavan Duffy

Interaction Designer with a fascination in human behavior and wearable technology. Loves to create, make and speculate.

Interaction Design

The crossroads where people and design meet. That is what excites and stimulates me as a designer. Beginning my career as an architect, I have always been fascinated by how our world is shaped through the diverse systems and networks we create. This interest in our human behaviour propelled me further to the realm of Interaction Design where I now design both physical products and digital systems with a human centred approach. My current thesis project [2014] is delving into how we can design a wearable motivational companion for physical activity. Designing an aware product network and augmenting the person / product relationship, the invention aims to challenge and speculate on the future vision of our wearable technologies. Happiest when making, creating, tinkering and idea generating. Even happier on the bike, in the pool or on the field.