Aisling Kelliher

Aisling is from Limerick and has just graduated from the University of Limerick ’14 with her Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Social Science BSc and Occupational Therapy MSc

Aisling chose Occupational Therapy in University of Limerick as it allowed her to learn the skills necessary to enable all person's to live the life they want in the way they want. Aisling spent some time living abroad before returning to complete her Masters in Occupational Therapy and is eager to utilise her qualification while traveling and exploring different cultures. Aisling is keen baker and is looking forward to some downtime to revisit this passion. She has enjoyed working with the Health Futures Lab as it allowed her to work and interact with different disciplines that she wouldn’t have had the option to in a typical work environment. The Health Futures Lab has heightened her ability to look to the future and be innovative in her thinking and outlook.