Future Vision 2034

Health Futures Lab is an University of Limerick Think Tank convened for a five week period between June 9th and July 9th 2014.

Our goal? To propose a bold future vision for Limerick City.

Our approach? To offer a detailed roadmap on how we might get there.
Vision Statement
Over the past 20 years Limerick has piloted a series of creative and innovative initiatives, including responsive data collection, whole life approaches to physical and mental well-being, which now means that Limerick has become an international exemplar of a healthy, happy city. Citizens empowered by the well-being infrastructure now in place, fully inhabit and enjoy the spaces of the city. Private enterprise are coming to the city for the dynamic creative productive workforce and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the healthiest city in the world. Public institutions implement policies that fiercely guard the hard won achievements so that they are sustained for generations to come.
What was the outcome?
The groups identified three ambitious projects that combine to offer a roadmap for the realisation of Limerick's positive health future. These focus on
  1. Mind: Forming a regional mental health and well-being network to support innovation in mental health and well-being service delivery. 
  2. Body: A new initiative to tackle the growing obseity epidemic through the development and use of a responsive technological system which offers personalised information regarding food and nutrition. 
  3. Data: An innovative data aggregation service, called 'LifeBase', which ensures a timely and aggregate flow of information exchange between the user and health service. 
Who has been involved
The 14 researchers from seven disciplines - architecture, product design, engineering, marketing, interactive media, occupational therapy, economics - are profiled on the peoples tab.
The Lab was facilitated by faculty of the University of Limerick: Muireann McMahon (Lecturer in Product Design), Annmarie Ryan (Lecturer in Business Marketing),Morgan Flynn (Lecturer in Architecture) and Adam de Eyto (Lecturer in Product Design)
The advisory board included further faculty from UL, including: Stephen Kinsella (KBS), Yoga Nathan (GEMS),  Grainne Hassett (SAUL), Cristiano Storni (Interactive Media), Rosie Gowran (Clinical Therapies) , Niall Deloughry (Product Design) and Andrea Deverell (NEXUS).